Sunday, 23 February 2014

Squeezed in a Feb survey for Bagley Woods last night and had a nice mix of moths (though quite a few of the species I expected were missing). Additions to the year included Grey Shoulder-knot (2) and Yellow-horned (1). Otherwise a small selection of what has already been seen (Chestnut (16), Satellite (7), Common Quaker (1), Dotted Border (1), Small Brindled Beauty (9), Pale Brindled Beauty (6), Spring Usher (5), Torticodes alternella (31) , Acleris notana/ferrugana (1), Acleris cristana (1).

Nice fresh Yellow Horned:

Thought I'd play a bit of spot the moth as well:

Marc Botham


  1. Lovely yellow horned, Marc. I spent some time trying to find the other rmoth, then flipped back to another pic and then saw it instantly when I went back. Now it stands out even in the small pic. Perception is a funny thing.

  2. Excellent camouflage shot, Marc - it also took me quite a while to spot it, and i only got the outline on the small picture! Good to know Yellow horned is now out - will have to go in search soon!

  3. Thanks, I took my photos off the camera this morning and thought I'd accidentally shot a tree with nothing on it. It took me ages to find it and I took the photo - I had to look at some other photos I'd taken of PBB on trunk backgrounds. Like you say Mark, once you see it it stands out like a sore thumb no matter how you look at it.


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