Monday, 17 March 2014

Dots and drabs

Sorry this isn't a moving map - I much admire them - but I've just had a lesson in not ID-ing too hastily. I thought I had three Twin-spotted Quakers in my Robinson Trap at Thrupp, Oxon, on Saturday night. It was only when I was tapping the moths out of the eggboxes into the safe (I hope) gloom below shrubs that I had a second look at the one above and thought it was something different or at least variable.

It is.  A Lead-coloured Drab according to Ben Sale of Essex Moths who is an invaluable monitor of my guesses on my own moths blog. Here below is one of the Twin-spotteds, very handsome and I'd imagine freshly hatched. I'm now puzzling over a pair of micros and will probably be back soon... Martin Wainwright

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