Thursday, 6 March 2014

Grey and brown

My first Early Grey of 2014 brightened up the eggboxes this morning after a milder night. Also in the Robinson trap at Thrupp, Oxon, were six Common Quakers, two Chestnuts, two Hebrew Characters, a Dotted Border and two of these, below, on which I'd appreciate help. Clouded Drab I think, but correction or confirmation greatly welcomed. Martin Wainwright


  1. Yep, looks like Clouded Drab from here. Got my first last night as well, but numbers in my exposed garden are very low and I still haven't seen Common Quaker yet. BW, Marc

  2. Thanks so much Marc and good luck as things get warmer

  3. Thanks Martin, I think your luck worked well. Last night I finally caught up with some moths in the garden including a Dotted Chestnut, which I'm not sure but may be a first for the garden though I have a bad memory and sneaky suspicion now I push my brain a bit harder that it might not be - still very nice though especially as it was alongside a Dark Chestnut and a trio of Chestnuts. And Common Quaker put in an appearance after my last comment too.


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