Saturday, 22 March 2014

Light and shade

Things are quiet here in Thrupp, Oxon, but I just wondered if anyone could help me with this one which stayed last night. Might it be a Dark Chestnut?  Martin Wainwright


  1. Similar name but actually a different family: have a look at Red Chestnut!

  2. Many thanks Dave, as ever. I'm glad to have a Red Chestnut which is new for me, though I appreciate it will be familiar to most. Interesting about the different families. I now hope (almost certainly in vain) to see a Red-headed Chestnut one of these days.

  3. Red Chestnut is reasonably common hereabouts so I'm sure you'll become familiar with it. It is quite a bit bigger than Chestnut/Dark Chestnut and has a noticeably straight leading edge to the wing, although you might have been misled by the way this particular example seems to have crammed itself into the corner of the egg-box. Watch out for its less common relative the White-marked which we do get around here too.


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