Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Contrasting Red Chestnuts (I think)

A striking contrast between two Red Chestnuts here at Thrupp, Oxon (provided always that my wavery ID skills are correct...)

Both were in the Robinson trap along with a third example plus 26 Common Quakers, 15 Small Quakers, nine Hebrew Characters, nine Clouded Drabs, two Emmelina monodactyla, one Oak Beauty and an Ophion ichneumon wasp - 62 moths from seven species.

Here's hoping the Sahara jetstream brings us something rich and strange.  Martin Wainwright


  1. The lower image is a Clouded Drab Martin. It's not called a "Red " Chestnut for nothing! If you look at the orbicular stigma, it's circular in the Red Chestnut (like White-marked) whereas in the Clouded Drab it's more elliptical.

  2. How interesting - and many thanks. It seemed a bit bigger than a Clouded Drab and the Waring, Townsend, Lewington Bible shows a rather grey RC. I live and learn and am much obliged! All v best M

  3. I've just dusted down W,T and L and also looked in Skinner and you are correct, there is a duller version. Skinner's duller version is northern and many northern versions are darker than in the south for many species. But W,T & L also clearly show the silvery profusion along the costa emanating from the base too which you can see in your Red CHestnut image and is absent in the Clouded Drab

  4. Thanks again Peter. I think I'm slowly overcoming my tendency to identify mainly by colour, which has led me into man confusions. I'm getting on top of wing edge shapes and orbicular stigma must be close behind! all v best again M


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