Thursday, 3 April 2014

ID & Confirmation?

Good night last night, 6 Small Quaker, 23 Common Quaker, 1 Early Thorn, 3 Early Grey, 1 Clouded Drab, 5 Hebrew Character, 1 Common Plume, 1 Pine Beauty, 2 pugs and something that looks very familiar from pictures but I've not been able to absolutely nail it down - maybe an early Pale Tussock? The pug I thought might be a worn double striped?

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford.


  1. Hi Mark, The tussocky moth is Nut-tree Tussock and the pug I am fairly sure is Brindled Pug. Best wishes, Marc

  2. fab, thanks Marc, appreciate it


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