Thursday, 3 April 2014

I.d. help, please

A couple of micros caught in Finemere last night i'm not sure of, so i've attatched a couple of photos. A few other species of note from last night were:- Dotted chestnut (1), Lunar marbled brown (4), Frosted green (1), Yellow horned (1) - sorry, Mark, but i might have got these two first! Also had my first ever Blossom underwing back home in my Aylesbury trap, along with my first Nut-tree tussock of this year. Dave Maunder


  1. Hi Dave, Semioscopis steinkellneriana and, probably, Pammene giganteana although that's not the best of images. If you want the latter to stand as a record you'll need to keep it for Peter to confirm (the moth has not yet been recorded from Finemere).

    1. Thanks for that, Dave - unfortunately I didn't keep it ( I had two), but I could email the other photo - must get a better camera one day!


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