Sunday, 20 April 2014

Little seems to have changed

Having been away in the southern hemisphere for nearly two weeks I was hoping for a bit more diversity in the garden trap at Westcott, Bucks by last night, but its contents were for the most part unchanged with Orthosia species still taking pride of place:   Red Twin-spot Carpet (1), Lesser Swallow Prominent (1), Blossom Underwing (1), Powdered Quaker (20), Clouded Drab (4), Common Quaker (2) & Hebrew Character (17).  They were accompanied by a Parornix sp and two Elachista sp (the latter probably both canapennella) which will need the chop to confirm.  Earlier in the day I'd managed to disturb a V-Pug from vegetation and took a quick happy-snap of the long-horn micro Adela reaumurella which was active in the garden.
Dave Wilton

Lesser Swallow Prominent, Westcott 19th April

Adela reaumurella, Westcott 19th April 

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