Thursday, 10 April 2014

Micro-fest (and a couple of ID questions)

OK, so three micromoths in a night (along with eight macros) doesn't really constitute a fest, but it's still a large number by recent standards. One was our first Epiphyas postvittana of the year (first no doubt of many); the other two were the two below - what I think must be another Caloptilia semifascia, although the colour distribution is different from our specimen a couple of weeks ago, and a suspected Gracillaria syringella. As ever, confirmation or other suggestions would be very welcome! Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Caloptilia semifascia, 9/4/14

Possible Gracillaria syringella, 9/4/14


  1. Agree on both Steve, although I was unaware of syringella's name change, for anyone who is unsure of what to write in your records for this year, Caloptilia is still the correct name for this moth.

  2. Whoops -- my bad, I was using the species name in my edition of Sterling/Parsons/Lewington. I've actually noted down a specimen we had last year as Caloptilia, but somehow forgot about that...


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