Thursday, 3 April 2014

Some ID help needed

An interesting range of species last night: quite a lot of specimens at the moment are looking very spruce, though it could be that with catches being smaller than in the summer, we're being able to give them more attention than later in the year. Last night's included a very handsome Herald, and what I'm 90% sure was a Water Carpet, which would be a first for the garden.

Herald, 2/4/14

Water Carpet, 2/4/14

However, there were also a couple of species we need confirmation on, and a pair of micros we're not at all sure about: we're pretty sure we had a Powdered Quaker; there was what I think is a slightly unusual-looking Brindled Beauty; a micro which I think may be Caloptilia semifascia; and a micro, of which I failed to take a decent photo, of which I'm not at all sure. All confirmation/suggestions would be very welcome.

Unknown (and poorly photographed) micro, 2/4/14
Possible Caloptilia semifascia, 2/4/14
Possible Brindled Beauty, 2/4/14
Presumed Powdered Quaker, 2/4/14

By the way, I can't find a way of controlling the size of photos - are these OK for size? Sorry for the rather long and photo-heavy post. Steve and Xander Goddard.


  1. Hi Steve, Water Carpet, Caloptilia semifascia, Brindled Beauty and Powdered Quaker are all fine. Without knowing the size, the other rather worn-looking micro is going to be difficult to name. I suspect that it might be something like Choreutis pariana which does hibernate.

  2. ...and I should add that the picture size is fine. When you added the captions you presumably used the extra tool-bar which pops up once you've clicked on the picture. That tool-bar also allows you to resize the picture ('Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large/Original Size'). The default setting when you upload each picture is 'Medium' and that's what I'd prefer everyone to keep to.

  3. That's great -- many thanks, Dave. The other micro was on the small side: judging by Sterling/Parsons/Lewington, it could very well have been Choreutis pariana in terms of size.


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