Friday, 18 April 2014

Some moths caught at Bernwood

I spent an hour on Thursday evening with my portable actinic trap, and got a few nice moths here, which included :- Scarce prominent (3), Great prominent (2), Frosted green (1), Lunar marbled brown (1), Scalloped hook-tip (1), Nut-tree tussock (5), Early grey (2), Common quaker (5), Hebrew character (3), Red chestnut (1), Purple thorn (3), Brindled beauty (1), Streamer (2), Grey birch (1), Early tooth-striped (1), Waved umber (1), Brimstone moth (1), Brindled pug (1), Water carpet (1), and Engrailed moth (1).
Pleased to see the prominents, as i've never personally been able to trap these until now - don't see them in my garden trap! Dave maunder

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