Monday, 19 May 2014

Help needed with some IDs

Just over 50 moths in my garden trap on Saturday night, and a couple I would like some help with.
The first I think is a White-Point (and there was a black band on the underside of the abdomen as described in the guide). The fw was 15mm.

The second moth looks like a Rustic Shoulder-Knot, but the colouring is darker than shown in the guide and compared to some earlier postings on this blog, hence my request for a second opinion.

Finally, a micro that has completely stumped me - I am probably missing something obvious! I have included 2 photos, one from the side and one from above. I hope the quality is good enough for someone to identify it. The fw was 9mm.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Hi Steve,
    Rustic Shoulder-knot as you say and the micro looks like Ephestia unicolorella (parasitella) to me. BW, Marc

  2. I agree with Marc and the other is looking just like a White-point.

  3. Many thanks Marc and Peter. I would have struggled to put a name to that micro without your help.


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