Friday, 30 May 2014

Low level

Interesting trapping here in Thrupp, Oxon, last night. I put the Robinson under the treehouse which my wife and I are slowly building for our granddaughter, for fear of rain. None came but there was a surprisingly large (to me) haul of moths in this confined space, closely surrounded by cow parsley, nettles and a hawthorn hedge, with the treehouse floor above and altogether very little room for flying. New arrivals for the year included a  Large Yellow Underwing (a tribe which drove me bats in Leeds where they swarm), a Clouded Border, a Straw Dot, a Green Pug, a Pebble Hooktip and two micros -  Crambus lathoniella and the one below which I thought was Celypha lacunana but just wondered from the leading edge pattern near the forewing tip, whether it might be C.cespitana. Sorry not an ace pic but views much appreciated.  Martin Wainwright


  1. Hi Martin, that looks good for Celypha lacunana to me. It seems to have the 'lacuna', or space, or unfilled area in the middle of the central cross-band, for which the moth is named (the micro book calls it "a finger-like projection").

  2. Many thanks as ever, Dave. All best. m


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