Saturday, 14 June 2014

More thunderstorms, please!

There was I expecting loads of posts on here after last night, but maybe you are all still going through your traps!

Despite a terrific thundery downpour at about 2am which lasted for over an hour, by dawn the garden actinic here at Westcott, Bucks had collected 343 moths of 86 species (58 macros) and they included some interesting visitors.  Four-dotted Footman hasn't been seen here since 2010 while Pine Hawk-moth last appeared in the garden trap during 2006, so those two were particularly welcome.  The Pine Hawk had seen better days but in my experience it rarely arrives in the trap in pristine condition.  Other newcomers for the year included Tortrix viridana, Eucosma cana, Lathronympha strigana, Epiblema uddmanniana, a possible Gypsonoma sociana (which would be a garden first), Gypsonoma oppressana, Cataclysta lemnata/Small China-mark, Acrobasis consociella, Lackey, Blue-bordered Carpet, Yellow Shell, July Highflyer (equalling my earliest ever sighting, from Whitecross Green Wood in 2011), Toadflax Pug, Sallow Kitten, Dingy Shears, Uncertain & Fan-foot. 

Dave Wilton

Four-dotted Footman, Westcott 13th June

Pine Hawk-moth, Westcott 13th June

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