Monday, 21 July 2014

A traditional few micros...

We have (I think) done a bit better than before in identifying micros in recent days, partly because of the number which have been flagged up on here by others and have also turned up in Wolvercote. However, there's a selection below which have foxed us: first, what we think may be Acleris aspersana (it was about 7mm long); an Epinotia species, if we're correct; a couple of photos of a species we can't place at all; what we think may be a Schoenobius gigantella; a possible Calamotropha paludella; and what may be a Phyllonorycter harrisella. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Acleris aspersana, 19/7/14
Possible Epinotia sp., 18/7/14

Unknown micro, 20/7/14

Unknown micro, 20/7/14

Presumed Schonoebius gigantella, 18/7/14

Possible Calamotropha paludella, 17/7/14

Possible Phyllonorycter harrisella, 16/7/14


  1. Hi Steve, I think the 5th image (4th moth) is Donacaula forficella. It's not one I've ever seen, so hopefully someone else who has can confirm.

  2. Calamotropha paludella and Phyllonorycter harrisella are correct, Steve. Your unknown micro (2 pics) is probably something like a worn Ditula angustiorana.

  3. Many thanks, both - that makes a lot of sense.


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