Sunday, 6 July 2014

And finally

(and with apologies for hogging bandwidth) A few macros from Wolvercote that we haven't been able to decide on to our satisfaction; first, what looks to me as though it might be a first Common/Lesser Common Rustic of the year (although I'd accept it also has a lot in common with the possible Confused from a couple of posts ago); then a couple of execrable photos of what might be a Marbled Coronet; what looks like a LargeTwin-spot Carpet; and what may simply be a rather anomalous Riband Wave. As ever, all suggestions or corrections welcome. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Common/Lesser Common Rustic, 3/7/14

Possible Marbled Coronet, 2/7/14

Possible Marbled Coronet, 2/7/14

Possible Large Twin-spot Carpet, 2/7/14 

Possibly just an odd-looking Riband Wave, 4/7/14


  1. Hi Steve and Xander, the first one and the final two are as you suggest. The other two pictures show a Marbled Beauty so I hope that was just a "slip of the keyboard" - Marbled Coronet is twice the size of Marbled Beauty (which you must surely have seen before) as well as looking completely different in both markings and shape!!

  2. Thanks, Dave -- that'll teach me to get up early to catch up on records. Marbled Beauty it is...


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