Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Appleton, Oxon

Last night Marc Botham and I ran a number of traps in some private woodland near Appleton, Oxon as part of a survey for the owners.  It was a good night - even though we ended up getting soaked while packing up - and we came away with an extensive list of moths.  Amongst the macros seen were Gold Swift, Lesser Cream Wave, Phoenix, Twin-spot Carpet, Scallop Shell, Maple Pug, Slender Pug, Dark Sword-grass, Double Lobed & Scarce Silver-lines.  Species that were around in some numbers included Rosy Footman, Coronet & Slender Brindle.  The list of micros was quite extensive but the only slightly out-of-the-ordinary species were Monochroa cytisella and Achroia grisella (the Lesser Wax Moth).

Achroia grisella, Appleton 14th July
Twin-spot Carpet, Appleton 14th July

Scarce Silver-lines, Appleton 14th July

My own garden actinic trap back at Westcott, Bucks didn't perform too badly either, bringing in just over 80 species.  Three were new for the year, Argyresthia goedartellaEbulia crocealis and Least Carpet (Ebulia crocealis being a very welcome new addition to the all-time garden list).

Ebulia crocealis, Westcott 14th July
Dave Wilton

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