Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bees and moths again!

I decided last night to have a look behind the ventilation plate in the chimney where the bees are. I scooped out half a carrier bag of dead ones and amongst them was this moth, badly damaged but still just about alive. 

I don't think it's directly linked to bees and was probably there feeding on the detritus. My best guess is H. pseudospretella, but I'm not sure if the white areas on the wings are markings, which would rule out my tentative ID, or just damage. Also the orange on the head area looks a tad too pale.

Has anyone got any other ideas?



  1. Nigel I think this is one for Peter!

  2. Hi Martin, it is going to Peter.

  3. Update: Peter has been super swift with this one and it is H. pseudospretella.

    I'm not taking the vent plate off again at the moment, as since I did it last time the bees are constantly buzzing on the other side of it!

  4. Edit: It's a male. Thanks peter.


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