Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Can anyone recognise these grape-like eggs, deposited in one of my eggboxes this morning? Arrivals included Riband Wave, Common White Wave, Drinker, Clouded Brindle, Heart & Dart, Heart & Club, Buff Ermine, Spectacle, Privet and Elephant Hawks, Brick, Grey/Dark Dagger, Swallowtailed, Buff Tip, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Beautiful Hook-tip, Mottled Beauty and what I think is another Large Twin-spot Carpet like Dave's albeit in less glorious condition - pic below; grateful for confirmation/correction. Plus others which I can add in comments if helpful. It would good to know or have an idea, so that I can deposit them on an appropriate foodplant. Much obliged for thoughts, as always.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Hi Martin, yes that is indeed a Large Twin-spot Carpet but I'm afraid I don't recognise the eggs. Do you have a picture of the Brick? This is normally a moth of the autumn and makes me concerned that this year's season may be over before we know it!

  2. Sorry, sorry Dave. I meant the Clay which Peter kindly alerted me to the other day when I was having trouble identifying a previous one. Sorry to substitute the finished product for the raw material (and thanks again for your patience with eccentricities such as this). I'll put the eggs on grass near as many other plants as possible. All best, M

  3. I just had this by email from a Hants moth enthusiast, Colin Baker, whose own blog is very interesting and enjoyable:

    I wondered if the eggs shown in your recent blog may be the same as encountered by myself, which I think might be Buff Ermine. Mine have gone a stage further and hatched showing considerable hair as shown on my blog at http://www.lepi-photos.com/lepi-blog/ova-in-the-egg-tray


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