Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Garden firsts

Had a Webb's Wainscot on Sunday night in my Milton Keynes garden, also Ear Moth, presuming this is the only one of the ears in this area. Small China-mark and what i think is Diamond-back Moth along with a very weird looking Common Rustic agg? Cant find any matching this anywhere.
Darren Seaman, MK


  1. Webb's Wainscot is a nice garden record, Darren. Plutella xylostella is correct for the micro, while that Common/Lesser Common Rustic is certainly a smart-looking moth but I don't think it is all that unusual. It would be a pretty good candidate for Lesser Common if you wanted to get it dissected.

  2. The ear type is likely to be The Ear, but in these days of expanding ranges and wanders from normal ranges you never know. I'd always like to see some specimens from a site being checked by genitalia examination, a) to confirm The Ear and b) you never know what might turn up.


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