Monday, 21 July 2014

Sizeable catches

Like others, we've been getting some sizeable catches in Wolvercote, Oxon, in the recent warm weather, and it's been taking some work to keep more or less up to date. We've yet to break 100 species on a night, though 80+ isn't unusual, and we've had over 300 individuals several times. Micro moths are coming in quantity, with Footmen, as with Dave Wilton, also providing good numbers, along with Waves - Riband Wave especially. There are a few individuals we've especially enjoyed below - Phoenix in particular is always good to see, and has shown up a few times of late.

Black Arches, 20/7/14

Iron Prominent, 19/7/14

Phoenix, 18/7/14

We've a couple of macro queries, and several micro, which I'll post in a moment - macro ones here, though: the first has so far eluded us, but the second looks to be our first garden Lesser Cream Wave - we'd be grateful for suggestions on the former and confirmation (or otherwise) on the latter. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Unknown, 16/7/14

Possible Lesser Cream Wave, 19/7/14


  1. Bit of a long shot but your first unknown might be a very worn Marbled Beauty. BTW I find that the Towsend & Waring illustration for this species isn't very representative - better Google it instead.

  2. I had one of these last night and thought it was a rather worn Slender Brindle. Am I wrong?

  3. On reflection there's no green in there so Marbled Beauty is probably off the mark. Best ignore my suggestion.

  4. I think Slender Brindle looks promising: it's a lot closer in terms of size (I know I've not done myself any favours by not indicating size, but it was closer to an Uncertain than a Straw Dot), and the colour distribution seems about right).

  5. Unknown is Slender Brindle and Lesser Cream wave is correct.
    Martin Albertini


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