Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Up to Date!

I've finally managed to get up to date with my moth records and so allowed myself a fresh trapping last night. Nothing too exciting though Bryotropha affinis, White Plume, Copper Underwing and Small Rivulet were all new for the year. I'm left with a couple of rather worn moths that I thought I'd throw out there in case anyone can do anything with them. The Pug does look rather plain and was quite small (16mm wing tip to wing tip) and rather plain. The other moth has a distinctive shape and a yellowish hue.

mystery Pug


  1. Hi Adam,

    Slender Pug is a good candidate and the second is likely to be Timothy Tortrix, Aphelia paleana. BW, Marc

  2. Thanks for that Marc, good suggestions on both counts!


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