Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A new species for me ---

I ran my actinic trap up in Chilterns woodland last night, and was pleased to find a Hedge rustic in the trap this morning (alongside plenty of Large yellow underwings!) I also had a very nicely marked Herald moth hatch from a wild collected larva.
Herald moth
    Dave Maunder
Hedge rustic

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  1. Hi Dave, Hedge Rustic is a nice find. It seems very thinly spread in Bucks although the scarp slope of the Chilterns is one of the likelier places to find it.

    For the uninitiated, despite the name it is not a hedgerow species. I find it has a rather greyer appearance than the picture in the field guide - shown well in the photo here - and, while a close inspection will bring up several very obvious differences (not least being its shape), at first glance it could be overlooked as an odd Straw Underwing.


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