Monday, 15 September 2014

Central Oxford Micro Query

Still very quiet here in central Oxford with numbers frustratingly low. I do have one micro query to put to the panel: it looks like an Acleris species and I would guess from the wing shape that it might be A. comariana (Strawberry Tortrix) though it could be A. laterana or A. schalleriana (though the shape looks wrong for this) which both have similar costal triangles. Any help would be much appreciated.


Acleris species


  1. It looks like one of the many forms of variegana Adam. Let's see what Mister Wilton thinks. There's a good likeness in the BT&S Tortrix book.

  2. Indeed, that's Acleris variegana, Adam. Quite a variable moth but in your case you have one of the typical forms, with an obvious white "polo mint" marking over the basal half of the wings.

  3. Thanks guys - I can see it now that you point it out to me!


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