Friday, 13 March 2015

The Merveille du Jour of the micro world

I had a smart Acleris literana in Bernwood Forest, Bucks last night as well as my first Dotted Chestnut of the year.  The results (20 species to a single MV) were otherwise very similar to Finemere Wood the previous night, the only additional items being Grey Shoulder-knot and Early Grey.  There was no sign of what seems to have become the "moth of the moment" here (Diurnea fagella), but that's no great surprise because I rarely see it before the second half of March.
Dave Wilton

Acleris literana, Shabbington Wood 12th March

Dotted Chestnut, Shabbington Wood 12th March

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  1. A nice selection both nights, Dave - i do like a nice Dotted chestnut.


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