Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dark Sword-grass

On my way back from a moth-less week in Norfolk (didn't trap rather than there were no moths) I put a couple of traps out at Bagley as I knew I'd be in Oxford early morning anyway and was desperate to see some moths after a week without. NFY for me was Great Prominent and a Dark Sword-grass. Plenty of Lunar Marbled Brown and Frosted Green but otherwise very quiet - amazingly just 2 Small Quakers, suggesting my peak count a little while ago of 27 might be this year's top count for the site which represents the lowest count since I have trapped there by a considerable amount. Garden trap was graced by just a single Early Grey, so despite the garden looking rather advanced, full of blossom, flowers and leaves, the cold nights are really preventing any decent moth activity. The dribs and drabs suggest everything is pretty much on time so fingers crossed for some cloudy nights. Marc Botham, Didcot

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