Friday, 1 May 2015

COAM Again...

Rob, Andy and I left some traps at the Chiltern Open Air Museum last night. It was cold, clear and there was a nearly full moon, but at least it wasn't windy...

We didn't catch a lot, but Waved Umber and Swallow Prominent were new for the year lists, and an Acleris cristana new for the site and the year.

As the flying moths were so few, we looked around for other stuff; Andy found the cocoons of Buccalatrix thoracella on Lime, there were adult Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner (Cameraria ohridella) present on a Horse Chestnut (!), we found mines of one of the Psychoides species on Hart's Tongue (no larvae visible) and the chrysalis of presumably an Endothenia species inside a teasel head, which I have retained to hopefully hatch.

Also this, which Rob found, and we think may be the larval case of Taleporia tubulosa, but would appreciate any opinion as this is a thing I'm not familiar with. It was on Sallow if that helps!

Dave Morris

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