Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pitstone Hill

With the forecast showers having disappeared, the breeze having died down and the temperature staying reasonably warm under cloudy skies, a hastily-arranged visit to the National Trust's Pitstone Hill, Bucks last night brought quite a decent return, the species count reaching 79 (58 of them macro-moths).  The target Light Feathered Rustic appeared in the highest numbers I've seen there, with 29 of them split between the three MV lights.  Other species new to me for the year included Nematopogon schwarziellus, Mompha miscella, Cochylimorpha straminea, Capua vulgana, Rhopobota stagnana, Pyrausta despicata, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Shaded Pug, Grey Pug, Clouded Silver, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Poplar Grey, Marbled Minor sp, Marbled White Spot & Small Purple-barred.
Dave Wilton

Rhopobota stagnana, Pitstone Hill 22nd May

Pretty Chalk Carpet, Pitstone Hill 22nd May

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