Friday, 5 June 2015

A decent migrant in the garden!

The first reasonably warm night of the year last night, coupled with a south-easterly airflow, produced a decidedly average total of 50 species here at Westcott, Bucks but they did at last include a couple of migrants.  Star item was a Small Mottled Willow, accompanied by a single Silver Y.  Amongst the other moths was the micro Cryptoblabes bistriga (new for the garden) and a Shaded Pug which is only the second record of that species for the site.

Small Mottled Willow, Westcott 4th June
Cryptoblabes bistriga, Westcott 4th June

Along with Andy King, Dave Morris and Rob Payne, I joined Martin Albertini for a trapping session at Stoke Common, Bucks last night.  The species total has yet to be finalised but was probably around the 100 mark, so a fairly decent return at an 'away site' at last.  Moths seen included Birch Mocha, May Highflyer, Small Yellow Wave, Small Seraphim, Peacock Moth, Four-dotted Footman, Pine Hawk-moth and True Lover's Knot, but for me the best of the night was Grass Wave, several of which put in an appearance.

Grass Wave, Stoke Common 4th June

During the daytime yesterday I had a hunt for Chimney Sweeper at a couple of sites in north Bucks and managed to find it active at Pilch Fields near Great Horwood and at a roadside site near Steeple Claydon. However, credit for the first sighting should go to Mick Jones who recorded a dozen on the 3rd at a site near Mursley.  It is always a pleasure to see this little black day-flying moth which can be common in grassland wherever there is pig-nut.

Chimney Sweeper, Pilch Fields 4th June
Dave Wilton

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