Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June starts with a Flame Carpet

My weekly GMS garden trap last night yielded 50 macros and 11 micros. The highest number of any one species was 5 - Heart and Dart, Common Wainscot and Shears. There were 4 Light Emeralds. Pretty much everything else was in ones or twos. New for the year included Large Yellow Underwing, Snout, Poplar Hawkmoth, Flame, Knot Grass, Foxglove Pug and Middle-barred Minor. I also had a moth which I haven't seen before and which I identified as a Flame Carpet. I have posted a picture below, and would be grateful if someone could confirm my id.

New micros for the year were Notocelia cynosbatella and Hedya pruniana.
Fingers crossed for some nice warm evenings this month.
Steve Trigg, Cookham

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