Friday, 12 June 2015

What's going on?

Previously my best nights trapping this year has been 7 moths of 5 species and last night I was hit by 18 moths of 13 species and this followed absolutely zero on the previous night! The problem is that I am up against it failing to identify 8 of those caught. I feel guilty about posting so may photos and trust someone will let me know if it is too much.

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  1. Hi Tom, The problem is that they're all tricky species. I'll have a go but some would need genitalia and/or other opinions:
    first looks like Scoparia ambigualis to me, but I find these very difficult and others may disagree. second is Epiphyas postvittana, third is Eudonia angustea, fourth is Brown House Moth, fifth is Mottled Pug, sixth needs better pics possibly + specimen but probably Epiblema trimaculana, seventh needs genitalia confirmation but looks a good candidate for Tawny Marbled Minor and the last is Vine's Rustic. Last night was a considerable improvement all round :)


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