Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Another micro ID

Just one micro i can't get, thinking Bryotropha senectella but not convinced I'm right, apologies for such rubbish photo too i thought it looked ok on the camera.

Mere Wainscot

Also had this Mere Wainscot too last night which is new for the year.

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.


  1. Hello Darren, your micro is a Metzneria and through the fuzziness I think I can just about make out Metzneria metzneriella. Mere Wainscot appeared down here in Westcott too a couple of nights ago, always nice to get as a garden record. It is a pity that its close relative Concolorous couldn't wander down this way occasionally from its strongholds in Northants!

  2. I'm very close to Northants, yardley chase and salcey are only 15 miles away. A Northants moth group outing the other week had 99 concolorous in one night. Is there any records from MK area?

  3. There are tiny bits of both Yardley Chase and Salcey Forest which are in VC24 Bucks and the moth is allegedly known from both, although the records must be hiding in someone's notebook. I trapped extensively in the Bucks bit of Salcey last year and saw no sign of it (several lookalikes all turned out to be Mere Wainscot). Unfortunately it is not known from anywhere else in the county.


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