Saturday, 11 July 2015

Another Record-breaking Catch in Central Oxford

Last night's warm cloudy and calm conditions were perfect for mothing and resulted in another record-breaking catch here in central Oxford, though as I've said before, the combination of my urban location and my Actinic lamp means that this comes in at a modest 126 moths. Plenty of NFY including the always-pleasing Buff-tip and a couple of NFG including The Phoenix and what I think is a Cherry Fruit Moth though this does require confirmation (see below) I've a few others for confirmation or ID as well.

I presume that this is a rather worn Broad-barred White
Cherry Fruit Moth Argyresthia pruniella?
One of those pesky Coleophorids. Can any more be said about it?
Quite a distinctive white-headed micro which I can't seem to find


  1. Hello Adam, yes to the first two, the third is not a Coleophorid (which all hold their antennae forwards when at rest) but is Batrachedra praeangusta, while the fourth is Paraswammerdamia nebulella.

  2. Thanks very much for that Dave, I see what you mean about the Batrachedra praeangusta now that you point it out. I should have been able to do the Paraswammerdamia as well - it seems obvious now that you mention it!


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