Friday, 10 July 2015


Here in Milton Keynes in the last 4 years I've only ever had one Yellow-tail, Brown-tails on the other hand seem to be very common. Last night they must've started to emerge, with 5 coming to the trap.
Other NFY's last night Anania hortulata, Cabbage and Acrobasis suavella(i think)


Also had 2 micros I'm not sure about, first may be an Acleris? or now thinking Oak Nycteoline.

Wednesdays NFY's were Scalloped Oak and Lesser Yellow Underwing.

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.

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  1. Hi Darren, any chance you could try improving the lighting in your pictures and perhaps crop them to take out some of the background? It is not easy to see the appropriate details in those shots. I think you are correct with suavella so long as it didn't have a red head (= advenella). I'm guessing that the other two are Oak Nycteoline and Pseudosciaphila branderiana but I'd really like to see clearer images.

    Interesting about the Brown-tails!


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