Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dazed and confused

Help with the following would be welcome please. The first FW13mm, then two views of a micro
the fourth I guessed at Blastobasis adustella  and the fifth ?. The second , fourth and fifth are all 5mm at most.

Many Thanks,
Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. Hello Steve, they are 1) the infinitely variable Common/Lesser Common Rustic, 2), 3) & 4) all Blastobasis adustella and 5) a Bryotropha species, probably terrella.

    Some tips, especially when taking pictures of micros: if photographing a moth which is essentially 'flat' in appearance, don't bother with a side-on view because then we don't get a clear view of the wing markings. Also, it helps to try and take account of how the wings are folded one on top of the other - the three-quarters view in the second image would have been so much better if taken from the opposite side so that the fringe wasn't hiding what we need to see. However, I know it is not always easy to achieve with these frisky little individuals!

  2. Thanks Dave, firstly I had an awful lot of Rustic variations this morning and that one was different again. Point taken with the 'flat' moths,and as for the fringe - I shall get a very small comb!.



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