Friday, 17 July 2015

Greenham Common - in the dry!

I nipped down to a mothing session last night at Greenham Common. Run by Roger Stace of BBOWT as part of the Living landscape project.

A number of traps were run, and the results were interesting, exciting and in one case down right surprising. These included Scarce Silver-lines, Waved Black, Ear Moth, July Highflyer, Dusky Sallow, Lesser Cream Wave. There were 10+ Oncocera semirubella - some really fresh. Dot Moth.

One which I am pretty sure is Pempelia genistella is a new one to me - and described as rather local but I guess if you trap on the edge of heathland.....

The surprise was a Six-belted Clearwing which I found crawling on the sheet by the trap. It must have been sleeping on some nearby Trefoil and we disturbed it!
Oncocera semirubella

Probable Pempelia genistella
Rob Payne

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  1. looks like genistella to me Rob. We get it on Stoke Common.


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