Tuesday, 7 July 2015

ID request, albeit one of them a Northerner

Hello!  Could I just check a few moths in these super-abundant, warm-evening times. Actually the third one was on the summit of Catbells in the Lake District last week so you may not wish to comment on it. I think it is Crambus lathoniellus.  I'm sorry about the position of the first moth above, which fluttered away after I'd taken only the one photograph. As for scale - a lamentable failing of mine, I know - I hope the eggbox details help.  I think that it is a Willow Beauty and was certainly that sort of size, but the dark band threw me somewhat. As for the Carpet, my camera (or my use of it) may be playing tricks with the colours. Candidates thus far are Galium, Balsam or Large Twin-spot. All help much appreciated, as ever.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon.


  1. Mottle Beauty and Large Twin-spot Carpet.

  2. Lovely, thanks very much - and you beat Dave to it. He's probably still celebrating his Striped visitor; couldn't have chosen a more deserving spot all v best M

  3. PS: Peter or other experts - is this f. conversaria as shown in Waring, Townsend & Lewington?

  4. Indeed it is, Martin. Mottled Beauty is a very variable moth and the darker forms, including conversaria, seem to me to have been more prevalent than usual this year.

    1. ...and by the way, your Lake District moth is a crambid (grass moth). I don't know what species can be expected up there but I can't make the image into anything other than Crambus lathoniellus which I've no doubt you've had at home!

  5. Thanks so much Dave. I was really pleased that a Striped Hawk visited you - and the Kentish one. Westcott seems a magic place. I went past at the w/e en route to see an amazing modern house on the Waddesdon estate but it was all at v short notice. H ope to call by some time. Thanks again and all best M


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