Sunday, 12 July 2015

Just a note!.

I'd just like to say that the service provided on this website is excellent. Fact is it's so excellent I've just had to cross out my garden record of Double Lobed  following  an earlier question!.

Best regards.



  1. Seconded! It's a wonderful resource for moth'ers in this recording area.

  2. Where do we send the invoice????

  3. What can I say? We try to help when we've got time available - we were all novices at one stage and we recognise that having a helping hand available is a fantastic advantage that many of us will not have had in our younger days. Looking back at some of the comments, we may occasionally seem a bit grumpy but more often than not that's just the way that the written word comes across. It is easy to keep on the right side of us - just learn from the answers and don't post pictures of faded pugs! Keep in mind, though, that some moths simply cannot be identified from pictures alone and that we are not infallible - if anyone ever has different ideas to what we suggest PLEASE CHIP IN!!

  4. I agree, sometimes it's only to confirm a moth, sometimes it's because we haven't got a clue what it is. I welcome any advice I'm given on here, moths have taken over my life and I just want to see more and identify more. Thank you.


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