Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Good year for Kent Black Arches

Kent Black Arches seems to be turning up everywhere this year so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that last night I had a cracking individual turn up in my garden trap in Didcot. Still a super garden first. Also had first of year Red Underwing to actinic light in garden last night - looks like Blackbird had a go at it and now has an injured wing. Singletons of Garden Dart and Toadflax Brocade still keep popping up. The toadflax in my garden has also encouraged another visitor - Toadflax Pug. Marc Botham, Didcot

Kent Black Arches, Didcot 03/08/15

Red Underwing, Didcot 03/08/15

Toadflax Pug, Didcot 03/08/15

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