Thursday, 17 September 2015

Oak Lutestring

Marc Botham's recent mention of Oak Lutestring at Bagley Woods reminded me that I should be looking for this species now in some of the ancient oak woodland local to me in Bucks, from which there has been a noticeable lack of records in recent years.  Two nights ago a three-hour trapping session in one of them with just a single MV trap produced the specimen shown below, at a site where the moth was last seen by me in 2007, so I'm hopeful that it will still be found elsewhere too.  The catch was actually quite a diverse mix drawn from 35 species (13 of them micros) and included Chevron, Red-green Carpet, Magpie, Dun-bar (in good condition, my latest ever sighting) and Webb's Wainscot.  Only three hornets to deal with was a definite bonus for this time of year!

Oak Lutestring, 15th September

Webb's Wainscot, 15th September

Dave Wilton

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