Sunday, 1 November 2015

A small upswing

Catches in Wolvercote, Oxon, remain a little lower than elsewhere, when we get the trap out at all, but recent days have seen a few familiar autumn species emerge (along with regular Novembrals, Red-green Carpets, etc.). For starters, Feathered Thorn is always nice to get, and it was good to see both coloured-line Quakers on the same day, having missed out on Yellow-line last year.

Feathered Thorn, 26/10/15

Yellow- and Red-line Quaker, 26/10/15
We think that on 30th October we had what appears to be our first ever Dark Chestnut, though I'd have sworn we've seen that before - not, however, according to our records! Confirmation of that - or other suggestions - would be much appreciated. We had on 27th October what looks like a Spruce Carpet (sorry for the dodgy photo quality) - not a Juniper Carpet like the one Martin Wainwright had recently; and an individual on 30th which reminds me of a Frosted Orange (not a species we've had this year at all), but on inspection doesn't appear to be; again, suggestions, please!

Presumed Dark Chestnut, 30/10/15

Presumed Spruce Carpet, 27/10/15

I had thought Frosted Orange at first, but not so sure now! 30/10/15
Finally, a couple of micros from 30th October - both the same species, we think, and we assume Acleris sparsana - again, does that seem right?

Steve and Xander Goddard

Presumed Acleris sparsana, 30/10/15

Presumed Acleris sparsana 2, 30/10/15


  1. Hello Steve & Xander, I think your Dark Chestnut and Spruce Carpet are OK but the third query looks to me like a worn Brick. The last two are indeed Acleris sparsana.

  2. Thanks, both -- that seems right, and Dark Chestnut is unexpected good news as a garden first.


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