Saturday, 14 November 2015

Caterpillar i.d. needed

I found this caterpillar crawling across a lane in Cornwall, and wondered if any Bucks entomologists could give me a suggestion as to it's species? It was about 2cm long, and may be some type of Footman larva, or possibly a Tiger species. Found on 25-10-2015 in West Penwith.  Dave Maunder
Unknown larva


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    1. Sorry meant Buff Ermine?, bw, Marc. Could be White Ermine or Ruby Tiger, no expert but did rear some Buff Ermine larvae that looked like this once.

  2. Thanks for that, Marc - it's been many years since I reared this species, and didn't recognise the earlier instar markings!

  3. Hi Dave
    If this larva was 20 mm in length it was in penultimate instar. Most of the books and websites only show the final instars of larvae, which (as you suggest) are often significantly different, although the earlier instars can give hints. In fact the strong white dorsal line on this larva and its dark colour are more suggestive of White Ermine than Buff Ermine, which also has a broad pale lateral stripe. There are other resources for larvae - try ukleps and lepiforum. Why not keep it and see what comes out ?

  4. Thanks, Martin - you are probably right, looking at some more images online; unfortunately I left it in Cornwall so will never know!


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