Wednesday, 25 November 2015


After a Sprawler on the 7th November, my trap was just about turned off, bar the odd night/evening. On Wednesday the 18th a female December Moth appeared at my front porch light and stayed there till Tuesday 24th. I ran the trap all night on 24th as I thought because she had gone moths may be flying, with no luck whatsoever. Tonight so far, 3 December and 1 Mottled Umber, the first this winter.
After asking some advice about bulbs etc a few weeks ago I've decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present, my new twin 30w actinic Robinson trap will be here Friday..........happy happy with loads more moths to come.
Dave Wilton could you please send me your email, I've got a few moth from earlier in the year for Peter, including a probable Gelechia Nigra. My email is Thanks
Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.

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  1. Hope the new trap gives you many years of excellent service!! I've sent you a separate e-mail.


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