Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pearly Underwing?

9 Moths of 7 species last night up here on the hill. 2 Dark Sword-grass and this fellow which I think might be a Pearly Underwing?.
Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. Not sure, Steve. It doesn't leap out at me as being Pearly Underwing (I'd have thought Turnip more likely) but let's see what others think.

  2. Can we get a view of the hindwings?

  3. It doesn't appear to have the thoracic crest of Pearly underwing.

  4. Went out to the trap - I usually leave it partially uncovered - and it had gone. However, my first instinct this morning when I turned over the tray was Turnip as a genuine Turnip was on the same tray with it. It was only when I had a closer look that I realised that I could'nt make any real markings out. Looking back I think that the sizes and look were so similar that I'm leaning towards a Turnip and that's how I will record it.
    Thanks all for your input.


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