Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Admin message

Now that the season is starting to warm up and some of you are returning to use the blog after an absence of several months, just a couple of little reminders:

Please don't forget to add a title to your post.  This should go into the long, thin box marked "Post Title" which is above the tool-bar, easily missed when you are keen to get on with typing your sightings.  If you don't add a title then Blogger does so automatically using the first few words of your report, which can sometimes look distinctly odd!  

Please also remember to mention your general location somewhere in the report and add your name at the end of it.   The name is important for those who receive e-mail notifications, who wouldn't otherwise know who the report is from, while the location is very useful because we cover such a large area with different habitats.

Finally, one or two people may still have issues with adding images, where the Blogger picture selection process works as advertised but for some reason there's a failure when trying to insert them into the report.  We've never really got to the bottom of why this happens, but if you are one of those affected then please consider uploading your report without the pictures and then sending any images to the admin address and we'll add them for you as soon as possible.

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