Monday, 4 April 2016

Elachista canapennella?

As promised in last post here are some images of the unidentified moth from Warburg. I've looked at it over and over and think it might be Elachista canapennella. These are supposed to be out from April onward and the males are plain brown so seems to fit, but would appreciate opinions as not wholly convinced. Third image is a bit blurry but the only one I could get a scale bar of any sort in focus (each bar = mm) and so is really just to show size (~6mm). Marc Botham, Didcot


  1. Looks like Elachista canapennella to me Marc, but I see from the new NMRS micro verification guidelines that it is a species which needs dissection...

  2. Not much else it can be, but if you want me to chop it I can of course. I should get around to your batch you handed over soon Marc.

  3. Thanks both. I may send it your way Peter, it will probably be new for the site list so probably needs to be fully determined.


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