Monday, 11 April 2016

Same old same old

Out of the easterly breeze it was, comparatively speaking, a 'warm' night last night and I'd hoped for a better result despite the rain!  Fifty moths did come to the garden actinic trap but apart from two March Moths they were all common Orthosias.  A single MV dropped off in local woodland did manage 17 species but got me a soaking when I retrieved it at 11pm just as the heaviest rain arrived:  March Moth (23), Shoulder Stripe (2), Streamer (5), Brindled Pug (5), Early Tooth-striped (6), Early Thorn (1), Engrailed (4), White-marked (2), Small Quaker (8), Lead-coloured Drab (1), Common Quaker (38), Clouded Drab (15), Twin-spotted Quaker (8), Hebrew Character (8), Satellite (1), Chestnut (6) & Early Grey (1).  The light was only run for two and a half hours but there were no micros, no sign of Red Chestnut or Yellow Horned (both probably over now at this site) and no sign yet of Frosted Green or Blossom Underwing which I would have expected here by now.

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks 

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