Friday, 22 July 2016

Again, big range, but lowish numbers

Another decent night 21st-22nd July in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire: not huge numbers of individuals, but 89 species, and a few rare ones for our garden. The first Athrips mouffetella, is a new species for us; the Pammene aurita underneath it not at all, but just nice to see. Small Rivulet is by no means not annual for us, and neither is Small Scallop. Still very short on Large Yellow Underwings (though the year's first Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing showed up, and Scalloped Oak, for some reason, seems to be having a good year).

Athrips mouffetella, 21/7/16

Pammene aurita, 21/7/16

Small Rivulet, 21/7/16

Small Scallop, 21/7/16
Steve and Xander Goddard

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