Sunday, 3 July 2016

... and some macros, too

We've also had a few puzzles on the macro front over recent weeks in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire: as with the micros, a few reasonably good shouts first: I think the first is a Mottled (as opposed to Willow) Beauty, and the second a Large Nutmeg (we had one the previous night, this is reasonably similar).

Possible Mottled Beauty, 27/6/16

Presumed Large Nutmeg, 12/6/16
Then a few where the general type seems quite clear, but the species eludes us: a pug which looks quite distinctive but we couldn't quite figure out; and a wave of one sort or another...

Pug sp., 27/6/16

Wave sp., 27/6/16
And finally, a few complete unknowns - the first of which I know I've seen before, but can't seem to place; and a couple which, I suspect, are not distinctly enough marked. As ever, we're very grateful for all help and suggestions.

Unknown, 1/7/16

Unknown, 20/6/16

Unknown, 12/6/16
Steve and Xander Goddard


  1. I think you're right on the first two, not sure on the pug, then Dwarf Ceam Wave, Clouded Brindle, Small Square Spot and Turnip Moth.

  2. Many thanks, Dave: a couple I should have got there...

  3. Pretty sure the Small Square-spot is a Square-spot Rustic. they've just started coming out. there's been a few records locally and I had one last night too. Haven't seen a Small SS for a week or so and those I most recently caught were very worn. Pug looks very much like a Common Pug to me. BW, Marc

  4. Marc is right for Square-spot Rustic.

  5. Thanks, Marc and Ched - I think the size of the individual was what made me wonder in the first place whether it could be a Small Square-spot.


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