Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bit quiet at the moment, but...

...could someone help me with ids for these?

This looked mothy, but I won't be surprised if someone tells me its a caddis. Body length 13mm, antennae 14mm.

This measured shoulder-tip 28mm

"bird dropping" micro at the Burial Park:

And finally this (top and side views):

Dave Morris, Chalfont St Giles & Seer Green


  1. Hi Dave, yes to a caddis. I suspect your two (very dark) macros are Satin Beauty and Straw Underwing - did you check the hind-wings on the latter?

  2. Thanx. I didn't see the hindwings. I did have quite a few Straws, although they were all nice and fresh so I wasn't sure about this one due to the wear and the colour (or lack thereof).

  3. I'm surprised Mister Morris that you post a caddis! The micro looks like Apotomis betuletana. I agree with Satin Beauty.

  4. I surprise myself sometimes :) I had looked at the caddis with a lens, and the rear end at least looked like a moth... it left before I could go any further with it. And ta for the id.


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